Visthar Ranga Shaale

Accredited by Kannada Vishwavidyalaya (Hampi)

Visthar Ranga Shaale (VRS) is a project of Visthar, located in Koppal, in north Karnataka.

Apart from offering vocational drama training (including acting, and writing for theatre), the school’s primary thrust will be to introduce its students to the processes of ‘theatre making’.  The multifaceted theatre-making course is designed to for the student to critically engage in creative processes, enabling them to transform ideas into action. 

In line with Visthar’s core belief that ‘another world is possible’ the theatre school will have a special focus on the marginalised communities of our society – aiming – to bring about a cultural transformation. 

One-Year Diploma Course In Dramatic Arts 

  • To create theatre-makers with vision and capabilities of cultural transformation.
  • To represent and integrate creative processes of the marginalised sections of our society. 
  • To explore ways in which theatre can become a viable career option. 
Course Curriculum
  • Theatre and social transformation.
  • History of theatre.
  • Ranga Siddhanta
  • Theatre and Nurturing
  • Practical

The course is designed to engage the student and teacher alike in immersive learning experiences, wherein multiple ways to study, reflect and express will be explored. The pedagogy will involve a combination of research; - field visits; theatre improvisations; creating, preparing for performance and performing; and critical reflection

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