Gender, Equity and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

20th - 21st May  2016 at Visthar, Bangalore 


In September 2015, national governments came together to adopt 17 Sustainable Development Goals with 169 targets to be achieved by 2030. Indicators are to be framed by March, 2016. As per the UN Women, the new agenda is an action plan for ‘people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership’.  The SDGs are different from the MDGs in the sense that gender equality is kept as a separate Goal (Goal 5) and integrated into the others. Further, while the targets pertaining to the Goal on Gender Equality within MDGs focused only on gender parity in primary enrolment, representation in parliament and non-agricultural labour force, the targets within SDGs refer to rectifying a wider set of gender-inequalities listed in the Box below. Further, Goal 10 commits to reduce inequality within and among countries (with bottom 40% growing at a faster rate than national average). Unlike the MDGs, the SDGs are applicable to all countries including the developed ones.  They do not refer to relative achievements (e.g. halving) but absolute ones. 

Objectives of the workshop:

This workshop seeks to strengthen participants understanding of:

  • Sustainable Development Goals, their difference with MDGs and their strengths and weakness in the South Asian Context.
  • Gender equality within SDGs and strengths and weaknesses within South Asia Context, 
  • Good practices –legislation, policy, programs and community level actions- to move towards Gender Equality and SDGs. 
  • National data available for tracking SDGs
  • Community monitoring of  Goal 5 of SDGs


The workshop  will be facilitated by Ms. Ranjani K Murthy (Independent Researcher and Author)  Ms. Mercy Kappen and Dr. David Selvaraj  from Visthar,  and  Ms. Unopa Makanyanga, Gender and policy specialist from Zimbabwe.

Course fee and registration:

Participants are expected to take care of their own travel. Visthar will sponsor the board and lodging. 

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