Kappen Memorial Lecture

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The Poetics of Political Transformation
Kappen Memorial Lecture By Dr. Rama Mani

At a time of profound human turmoil and political transition in India and around the globe, Dr. Rama Mani takes us on a journey of enquiry into the nature of political transformation.

What does it take to initiate and effect political transformation, especially in times of crisis? How can extrinsic political power be ‘tamed’ and transmuted by intrinsic human power? How are individual and societal transmutation symbiotically interrelated? Why is it essential today for us, as citizens of India and of the world, to not simply question but to actually redefine the prevalent paradigm of political power. How can we, each one of us in our distinct way, create and enact new paradigms of power to shape our shared future?

Dr. Mani will weave together poetry, testimony and theatre, drawing on her experience in peacebuilding in war-torn countries, and her expertise in global governance and international peace and security. She will engage the audience in a lively interaction to take forward the enticing challenges of political transformation and paradigm change we face together today.

Dr. Rama Mani is an internationally renowned peace builder, poet, and performing artist. Rama founded ‘Theatre of Transformation’, based on her 25 years of experience in strategic leadership, governance and security, to catalyse creative solutions to global crises, and to support peace initiatives in war-torn countries. Rama is the Co-Founder of ‘Rising Women, Rising World’. She is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Oxford’s Centre for International Studies. She is a Councillor of the World Future Council. She is on the Jury of the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ or the Right Livelihood Award. She teaches at the Geneva Academy for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, and St. Gallen University, Switzerland, as well as at other universities. Rama was awarded the Peter Becker Peace Prize in Germany in 2013 for the combined impact of her scholarship and activism.www.Rama-Mani.com; www.Youtube.com/RamaManiNews

The meeting will be chaired by Ms. Kirtana Kumar, actor, director and film-maker based in Bangalore. She writes on theatre and film and has been published in various national papers and magazines. She has received several major awards and fellowships including from the McArthur Foundation and India Foundation for the Arts for her contribution to theatre& film. She is a trustee of Women Artists' Group and Visthar and is the co-owner of Infinite Souls Farm, a rural artists residency in Bangalore.

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