Transformative Learning

Learning is about our relationships,
our communities, our places of work, our bio-regions,
our political structures, our planet and our universe. 
It is about us. It is about the kind of work we do. 
But above all it is about our right to imagine.

To imagine a context where we are each respected for who we are;
To imagine a life of sufficiency and health;
To imagine that everyone would have support to learn throughout their lives
To imagine that all our children could live without abuse;
To imagine that violence or the fear of violence in the lives
of all women and children could decline;

To imagine that race and ethnicity would be a code
for creativity and contribution  rather than a filter which excludes;
To imagine relationships of harmony and rhythm with the earth;
To imagine that differences in ability could be cherished 
for the gifts that they make possible
To imagine that learning mathematics, science, the arts, language
and our own bodies  are aspects of the same;
To imagine that we have the courage to speak
To imagine that we have the capacity to transform our lives.

Budd L. Hall

Transformative Learning

Visthar offers transformative learning experiences, both formal and non-formal to wide range of participants from marginalised children and youth in
India to university students and seminarians within the country, USA, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Institutions and educational foci

  • Samagara  Shikshana  Shaale  (Integrated Learning School)
  • Community College – Theatre Arts.
  • International Education with a focus on Social Justice, Peace and Development.
  • Leadership for Social transformation.

Courses offered through the international education  programme

  • Globalisation and the ethics of  development.
  • Gender, Diversity and Social Transformation.
  • Eco - Justice Perspectives and Practice.
  • Religions, Cultures and Social change.
  • Identities, Resistance and Liberation.

Institutional partnerships

  • Xavier Institute of Social Sciences, Ranchi, India (
  • Indian Centre for Research and Development of Community Education (
  • Gustavus Adolphus College (USA)
  • Concordia College (USA)Gordon College (USA) 
  • Davidson College (USA)
  • University of Iowa (USA)
  • University of Lancaster (UK)


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