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With society becoming more and more consumerist, the nature of purchase and the bond between buyer and seller has been fundamentally altered. What should have been a warm, caring relationship involving conversation and a pleasant exchange of ideas has become a faceless, clinical activity. Namma Angadi seeks to reclaim this age-old dynamic by creating a space where this conversation can be had and this bond re-established.

To put it simply, Namma Angadi is a retail space for artisans, farmers, craftspeople to showcase their products. Through these offerings, the Angadi promotes an alternative way of living and consumption in the community. A need for such a store is felt in the current times, where the customer has to choose from similar products that are usually mass produced in far-off locations. The end-user does not therefore have any information about the origin of the product and the people involved in its creation. This disconnect, often leads to mindless consumption and wastage, harming the planet and people.

Situated in the cool, green eco-sanctuary of Visthar, Namma Angadi promotes earth-friendly products such as handlooms from different parts of the country, hand embroidered fashionable garments embroidered with native designs, exclusively handcrafted furnishings and paper products, studio designed clay pots for cooking, gardening materials for home gardening, organic foods sourced from farmers, easy-to-cook millets and in-house bakery products. In addition, we serve snacks on weekdays and meals on weekends.

We conduct a variety of workshops for children and adults on every second and fourth Sunday. At Namma Angadi, the focus is on a healthy way of life with healthy and traditional foods. On all Sundays, we offer live food counters serving appams/ dosas/ millet rotis with different curries and chutneys. On weekday evenings we serve healthy snacks, herbal teas, juices and bakery items.

If you would like to receive updates on latest workshops and products, send a message to 9417028749 with your name, email id and type ‘NA updates’.


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