Rural Women’s Collective

In India, Dalit and Devadasi women are discriminated on the basis of caste, class and gender and are in a vulnerable condition. The Devadasi system, continues to be prevalent and this age - old practice continues to legitimize the sexual violence. Working with Dalit and Devadasi women, Visthar has been driving towards achieving gender equity through transformative education and participatory democracy. Harnessing the already existing legal frameworks and leveraging community alliances, the Rural Women’s Collective aims to empower women socially, economically and politically. 

In a multipronged approach involving capacity building, leadership training, campaigns and advocacy, Dalit and Devadasi women increase their capability to effectively participate in the political process, giving them a voice to articulate their struggles, and claim their rights in the panchayat (local government), through the media and with local community networks.

Through various vocational training opportunities, the conversion of traditional skills of home-food processing into sustainable business models and with the launch of  a Sanitary Napkin Unit( that will serve the dual purpose of being an alternative model for economic-community development and a centre for sexual and reproductive rights education),  women  will acquire  the business and technical acumen to explore alternative  options of livelihood. 

International Women's Day Celebration, March 8, 2016 at Irakkalgada in Koppal.

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