Child Rights Education and Advocacy (CREA )

Initiated by Visthar, this network projects consists of 5 NGOs in North Karnataka: 

CREA is committed to responding to issues of child labour, malnutrition, exclusion and discrimination of Dalit and Adivasi children in North Karnataka. Our goal is that children should be able to enjoy food security, quality education and freedom from all forms of violence. 

Sharpened after the discussion on Global Slavery Index - 2013 (GSI) by Walk Free Foundation. We have now set new targets for our goals: rescue and rehabilitation of children from forced labor and child marriage. The project offers opportunities for children to express themselves and facilitate public awareness on violence and injustices on children in society. It also enables children to advocate for their own rights through a community based advocacy.

The CREA network is funded by ICCO – KIA.

Highlights :


1.Organising children 

a)Children’s Sanghas

There are 185 children’s sanghas in the CREA network area. 5750 children are participating in the sanghas in 173 villages & 2 slums of five districts of Karnataka. These children are gaining knowledge of their rights, developing leadership skills and are effectively involved in child protection activities in the villages along with CREA partners and community based organizations. 

  • Enrolment campaigns held in all villages of CREA working areas and  250 dropouts  were enrolled in schools across five districts during 2015. 
  • Periodic sports and cultural educational activities including competitions were organized in all districts.  
  • Regular meetings, training/ workshops are being facilitated for children 

b)Children’s Parliament

State level Children’s  Conventions are held by  CREA partner organizations. Children as well as SHG members, NGOs, Panchayath Members, media persons, govt. departments, CREA partners take part in the conventions.

  • Re-election of children’s parliament has been carried over in districts.
  • Regular meetings, trainings /workshops for members of children’s parliament were conducted on Child Rights, Child Trafficking, Right to Education, Food Security, gender, malnutrition and related subjects.
  • Children’s parliament members are actively involved in identifying and rescuing child labourers, dropouts, child marriage, child trafficking, child abuse and child bonded labourers in all districts. 
  • Child representatives from different partner NGOs participated in different forums, seminars, face-to-face discussions with ministers and government officials on topics like child participation. This is the fourth time where CREA parliament children from different NGO partners are participating in state level children’s meeting with Chief Minister.

2.Child Protection Committees  

  • Child protection committees have been formed by all partners and these committees are actively involved in child protection activities in the villages 
  • Regular training /workshop /seminars for members of School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC)/Bala Vikasa Samiti (BVS)/ Asha workers / Ayas on the schemes, Acts, Nutritional, hygienic and localized food, health, hygiene of teenage girls and on teaching methodologies of mathematics and science with women and child development departments and education dept etc. 
  • CREA is also involved with national level workshop/ seminar/ participatory Research on food security, malnourishment, education etc with different national level campaign bodies like RTE Forum, national food security campaign, People’s For Right to Education (PAFRE), Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL) etc.

3.Campaigns & Advocacy

  • Effective implementation of Makkala Hakkugala Vishesha Grama Sabha in all the Panchayaths.
  • CREA network has been successful in bringing together the NGOs at the district level for a child friendly environment.
  • Successful collaboration with Government departments such as Women & Child Development, Education Dept, Labour Dept, and DCPU etc.

4.Participatory Research and Publication

  • Studies and publication  on  quality education, food security and freedom from violence  

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