Community Based Initiatives

The reference to community is the rural, marginalised communities in North Karnataka: More specifically the region that is historically and politically referred to as Hyderabad Karnataka. The architecture and demography of this region is influenced by the earlier Pre-independence Muslim rulers and geographically by drought and indiscriminate mining. While mining is the primary source, determining the political economy of the region it has also caused irreparable damage to the region. Visthar’s Community Based Initiatives are aimed at bringing about an improvement in the socio-politico-economic status of marginalized and discriminated individuals, groups and communities in North Karnataka. Through capacity building and training our initiatives foster and co-ordinate networks, address the needs and injustices of communities in North Karnataka.

The specific projects include :


A holistic programme for girl children (children at risk) from the devadasi tradition.

Child Rights Education & Advocacy(CREA)

A sustained campaign towards creating child labour free zones.

Rural Women's Collective

A campaign and development interventions focusing on women's health Reproductive Rights and Simultaneously a campaign towards women's political participation.

Samagara Shikshana Shalle

An integrated learning programme (primary school) with scope for scaling up (middle school) with an underlying commitment to individual and social transformation.

The community based initiates are spread in 5  districts, however the secretariat for the several projects is in Koppal, North Karnataka and managed by personnel from Visthar. The secretariat at Koppal provide opportunities for internship and voluntary work.

Community Based Initiatives

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