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Living up to our name, Visthara (dimesions/expanse), we invite you to be part of our journey. As we believe we have no exclusive rights over the journey, this is an invitation to a global vision through local action. Our institutional profile and focus are in the areas of engagement through Transformative Learning, Community Based Initiatives and Social Entrepreneurship. If you think you can contribute, through your service, to any one or more of the above areas, please sign up as a volunteer or an intern.

Over the years we have created opportunities and gained from the service of several volunteers from around the world.

Volunteer or Intern in Koppal

If you are inclined to grass roots work we encourage you to consider a stint at Koppal in North Karnataka. While at Koppal, you will stay on our campus which is attached to a home for girls. Your engagement will begin with the girls on campus and perhaps filter to the rural community neighbouring our campus.

Here is how you can get involved?

  • Teach English (minimum period 3 months) or computers
  • Assist with the children’s home work.
  • Teach art and handwork (minimum period of 3 months)
  • Teach games: football (not American), basketball, any other 
  • Teach dance – any form, minimum  period of 3 months
  • Enhance the production and marketing of products made through the project (recycled paper, terracotta etc)
  • Assist staff with documentation (visual and written)

What is it you can gain from the experience?

  • A grassroots experience in a safe rural environment working among marginalised communities.
  • Enhance your knowledge of Kannada or gain introductory knowledge to Kannada.
  • Learn dance from the girls and cooking of local cuisine.
  • Scope of building friendships with young girls from marginalised communities

Are you qualified?

  • We would welcome young adults who are:
    • Adventurous and willing to step out of their comfort zone. 
    • Individuals who are prepared to work as a member of the team and accountable to the team leader.
    • At least 21 years of age.
    • Preferably having finished college 
    • Excellent skills  in teaching (English, computers, dance, art, handcraft) 

How do I sign up?

  • Make out an application
  • Application review process will be a month from receipt of application
  • Please contact the director if you do not receive an initial response within two weeks
  • On acceptance you will receive a letter of acceptance A week to ten days orientation at Bangalore prior to departure to Koppal

Friend of Bandhavi

Pursuing the recently designed sustainable development goals, Bandhavi is a programme for empowerment of the girl child.

Bandhavi includes the following components:

  • A secure shelter and wholesome food 
  • Additional and co curricular education
  • Life skills training
  • Training in social entrepreneurship 
  • Participation in  children’s parliaments 
  • Theatre and music
  • Interfaith prayers and yoga

Eighty percent of the project funds come from an external donor with a promise for continuity up till 2020. With this in mind we have to cover the immediate deficit and wish to build up an endowment fund. We invite you to sign up as a friend Bandhavi.

What can I do as a Friend of Bandhavi?

  • You can serve as a volunteer
  • You can be a contributor

All financial contributions will be receipted and our annual audited reports will be posted. Please note you can avail of our 80/ G benefit.

What do I get out of this initiative?

  • Recognition as a Friend of Visthar and an invitation to all our public events.
  • Purchase of publication at a discounted rate
  • Annual report from Bandhavi
  • Annual gift (if within the country) made out of recycled paper Or
  • A thank you letter from the girls
  • Scope to visit the girls (an annual organised group visit for the friends of Bandhavi)


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