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With its linguistic roots in Sanskrit, the word Visthar could be interpreted as ‘dimensions’. The name reflects the nature of our involvement- extending ourselves and exploring new dimensions. Registered as a Public Trust in 1989, Visthar is recognized as a vibrant and innovative  Academy of Justice and Peace with deep involvement in Community Based Advocacy. 


Just, democratic and sustainable communities with gender and social equity.


To respond to issues of poverty, environmental destruction, gender discrimination and social exclusion, by promoting Transformative Learning, Community Based Initiatives, and Eco-enterprises in collaboration with educational institutions, civil society, and faith based organizations and social movements.


  • A multi dimensional institution serving the public and institutions.
  • Established an Eco-sanctuary on the campus.
  • Established and sustained educational partnerships with colleges and universities within the country, USA and UK.
  • Established Community Colleges and schools for marginalised communities.
  • Instituted and sustained the Kappen Memorial Public Lecture over the last 17 years.
  • Published over 20 books, training  manuals and monographs in English and the vernacular.
  • Established a programme of Art and Social Change through a series of installations and exhibitions between 1990 and 2004.
  • Initiated and sustained partnerships with NGO networks and social movements in the country and overseas over the last two decades.
  • Initiated campaigns of child rights, women’s political participation, religious freedom, peace and democracy.
  • Sustained partnerships with overseas donor agencies.




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