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Founded in 1989, Visthar is a secular Civil Society Organization committed to social justice and peace. Located in a serene six acre campus away from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore city, Visthar has a rich history of involvement in community-based-advocacy as well as transformative education with a strong link to the international academic community.

Visthar is a hub of socio-cultural and environmental consciousness. Famous for hosting events that highlight challenges to basic human rights and the survival of the marginalized, it emphasizes the need to evolve sustainable alternatives. Visthar offers study programs on a plethora of subjects including gender, diversity, social justice, peace and development. Several of these are accredited by universities in India and overseas such as the course on Gender, Diversity and Social Transformation and the semester on Justice, Peace and Sustainable Communities. Our programs attract students, artists, performers, development workers and activists from various parts of India, Africa, South and East Asia, the US and northern Europe. As part of its Community Based Initiatives, Visthar works with marginalized women and children in north Karnataka.

We have designed our campus in Bangalore to be an Eco-sanctuary. It continues to be developed as a place for traditional seed preservation, biodiversity conservation and environmental education. Our Conference and Retreat Centre (CRC), located in this green environment, is a social enterprise which offers facilities for conferences, exhibitions and celebrations. Another initiative on the campus is the Recycled Paper Unit producing paper and paper products.



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    Visthar Ranga Shaale Accredited by Kannada Vishwavidyalaya (Hampi) Visthar Ranga Shaale (VRS) is a project of Visthar, located in Koppal, in nor...
  • Re-Visioning Paradigms

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    Re-Visioning Paradigms Essays in honour of David Selvaraj.Foreword by Romila Thapar. Edited by Mercy Kappen, M.Sudhir Selvaraj, S.Theodore Bask...
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    Calendar 2016 A calendar with pictures from our herbal garden. For the medicinal properties and uses of the herbs presented in the calendar, plea...



Another world is not only possible,she is on her way
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. 

Arundhati Roy

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